Collection of gear and equipment

  • Collection type
    historical, artistic, industrial, transportation equipment, cultura-historical, sports
  • Number of items
    over 850 inventoried items
  • Type of items
    non-textile sports gear and equipment such as footwear, skates, skis, balls, racquets, bats, armour, whistles, bicycles, kayaks, gymnastics equipment and other
  • Territorial scope
    Croatia, global
  • Temporal scope
    second half of the 19th century – today
  • Collection head
    Ana Wild, Senior Curator

The Collection of gear and equipment gathers sporting equipment, tools and footwear used by professional and recreational athletes during training and competitions. The majority of the collection is consisted of balls, racquets, skates, bats, skis, as well as sabres, discs, whistles, weights and other related items.

Since the end of the 19th century and the spread of sporting activities to Croatia, sporting equipment becomes increasingly widespread, initially belonging to individuals and soon thereafter being acquired by clubs. The Collection, therefore, gathers not only equipment and items connected to athletes and sports officials, but also craftsmen and manufacturers of sporting equipment. Due to the equipment’s regular use, it is a challenge to find well-preserved items.

Among the most interesting items of the Collection are skates and boxing punching bags, a ‘velocipede’ bicycle from the end of the 19th century, travelling bag and skis of Franjo Bučar, boxing gloves of Aleksander Valenteković, the golf equipment of Marija and Darko Strižić from the 1930s, skis from the Drucker Sports Industry in Zagreb, the athletic outfit and sprinting shoes of Đurđa Fočić, a large Swedish ladder and marine ladder from Zagreb’s Upper Town Gymnasium, as well as other similar items.