Collection of flags and other textile items

  • Collection type
    historical, artistic, cultural-historical, sports
  • Number of items
    500 inventoried items
  • Type of items
    flags, emblems, markings, athlete numbers, sports outfits, other sportswear
  • Territorial scope
    Croatia, global
  • Temporal scope
    end of the 19th century – today
  • Collection head
    Ana Wild,Senior Curator

The Collection of flags and other textile items gathers textile items used in sports or otherwise connected to sports.

Currently, the most numerous items are flags, markings and emblems, followed by ribbons, badges, handkerchiefs, athlete numbers, sports outfits, sportswear and other related items.

The items primarily originate in the 20th century and are  consisted of private and club wear of athletes and sports officials, textile club markings and sports associations such as the Croatian Hawk or manifestations such as European and World Championships, Olympic Games or the Zagreb Universiade and the Split Mediterranean Games.

Among the most interesting are insignia of the Croatian Hawk, as well as parts of the riding uniform of the Croatian Hawk rider Milan Dečak, the fencing suit of Milan Neralić from the start of the 20th century, emblems of the Moto-cycling club Zagreb (M.K.K. Zagreb) and shirts – outfits of cycler Antun Banek from the 1920s, a complete mountain-climbing outfit belonging to Željko Poljak from the 1950s, swimming trunks of Zdravko Ježić from the Melbourne Olympic Games in 1965. as well as uniforms from the 1987 Universiade and more modern items such as the shirt of Zlatko Dalić, trainer of the Croatian Football representation at the 2018 World Championships held in Russia.