Let’s go to PE class!

14. 06. 2019. - 22. 09. 2019.
Croatian School Museum
Croatian School Museum, 4 Republic of Croatia Square, Zagreb


The exhibition Let’s go to PE class! Opened in the home of the Croatian School Museum on friday, June 14th 2019 at 6 pm and remained open until September 22nd 2019.


Organized by the Croatian Sports Museum, in cooperation with the Croatian School Museum, the exhibition marked the 145th anniversary of the introduction of Physical Education as a mandatory school subject in Croatian schools, the 125th anniversary of the educational course for the first teachers of physical education and the 60th anniversary of the establishment of today’s Faculty of Kinesiology of the University of Zagreb. The exhbition was authored by doc. dr. sc. Zrinko Čustonja, Chair of History of Sports at the Faculty of Kinesiology, and Petra Husain Pustaj, Curator of the Croatian Sports Museum.


The history of Physical Education in Croatia as a school subject and part of the educational system, as well as its status as a social phenoment that greatly influenced the appearance and development of modern sports in Croatia is explored through six chapters. The exhibition encompasses the development of institutions for the education of physical education teacehrs, with the extraordinarily notable events being the 1894 – 1896 Course for gymnastics teachers and the 1959 establishment of the Faculty of Kinesiology of the University of Zagreb. The success of the introduction of physical educatioin owes a great deal to enthusiasm and dedicated work of pedagouges and teahcers, with the exhibition presenting the most notable names of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Following on from that, their works are presented among a general overview of the development of handbooks and publications intended for physiical education. As festivities and competitions remain inexorably tied to phyiscal education, several major school competitions were presented, such as the 1st High School Gymnastics Ceremony (1905), the Ceremonial opening of the High Chool Playground (1935), the Gymnaestrade (1957) and the Sports Games of Primary and High Schools of the Federal Republic of Croatia (1967).

The exhibition concludes by presenting comparisons between select school sports facilities, showing how they appeared when built and how they appear today. This was intended to present the value of physical education to the physical and mental development of children and the youth, as well as the necessity of school sports facilities equipped with the necessary equipment.