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Exhibitions “Silence at the 7m line” and “Franjo Bučar (1886-1946)” at the Varaždin City Museum

08. 06. 2022. - 26. 06. 2022.
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As part of a partnership between the Croatian Sports Museum and the Varaždin City Museum, on June 8th 2022 two exhibitions were opened to the public in the Varaždin City Museum, both produced by the Croatian Sports Museum: Franjo Bučar (1886-1946) and Silence at the 7m line. The exhibitions opened as part of the program of the Varaždin City Museum “Wednesday at the Museum”, which was presented by the Director of the Varaždin City Museum, Miran Bojanić Moradini. As part of the program, in Herzer Palace, the author of the exhibition and curator of the Croatian Sports Museum, Martina Vargek, held a lecture with a guest-appearance by Ivan Pajić, member of Croatia’s national deaf handball team. Also making an appearance at the lecture was Eva Morandini Plovanić, decorated with Croatia’s National Award for Sports “Franjo Bučar”. Following the end of the lecture, attendees were given a guided tour of both exhibitions by the author.

The exhibition is set to remain open until June 26th 2022 in the Varaždin City Museum.

The lecture could be followed live at Magic Net and Varaždin City Museum’s YouTube channel.

Author of the photographs in this article is Andrej Švoger, photographer of the Varaždin City Museum.