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Chess lecture at the Vrapče Nursing School

08. 11. 2021. - 12. 11. 2021.
All Day

This summer, the library of the Croatian Sports Museum received a significant donation of chess literature that belonged to the recently deceased Croatian chess player and reported Pavo Birmiša. His daughter, Nikolina Sertić, generously offered her father’s books to the library, expressing a desire for them to be used to further the popularity of this sport and its long and rich history. The Croatian Sports Museum’s librarian, Luka Marin Vuco, honored the wish by arranging for a selection of twelve books from the donation to be loaned to the Vrapče Nursing School in cooperation with the school’s librarian Mislav Čaljkušić. As part of this cooperation, Luka Marin Vuco visited the school’s Physical Education classes to present the loaned books, including biographies of some of chess’ most renowned Grand-masters such as Bobby Fischer, Jose Raul Capablanca and Aleksander Aljehin, to the students. The Croatian Sports Museum’s librarian, using two chess boards, also taught students about the rules and techniques of chess. Following this, volunteers were invited to play demonstration games which, it is hoped, might motivate them to pursue this highly useful sport further.