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Bučar’s Games for Societies and Schools at Trnava Days

13. 05. 2022.
15:00 - 16:00

As part of the Trnava Days, an event organized by the Trnava Recreative Sports Society, the Croatian Sports Museum organized an educational workshop titled “Bučar’s Games for societies and schools” for the pupils of Vukomerec Primary School. The workshop was joined by boys encountered at the football field of the Tranava Recreative Sports Society. Beginning with a brief introduction to Franjo Bučar, who is often called the Father of Croatian Sports, the attendees were split into two teams. The teams were then put through several games chosen from Bučar’s publication, “Games for societies and schools”, published more than a century ago. The attendees practiced a pursuit and catching game titled “Wolf and Sheep”. After that, they had a warm-up by passing a ball in a circle before proceeding to the competitive portion of the workshop where the two teams fought hard to see who would faster and better perform various assigned tasks. It is our hope that the attendees enjoyed the games and that we kindled an interest in Croatian sports heritage and history in them, as well as motivated them to exercise regularly.

We thank the Trnava Recreative Sports Societs and the Vukomerec Primary School for a wonderful cooperation.