Bučar’s games and the popularization of sciences in primary schools

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25. 11. 2022.
All Day

As part of its program to popularize science and the STEM fields, Krasno’s Velebit House hosted an educational event for primary school pupils from Senj and Krasno on November 25th 2022. The organizers, the North Velebit National Park and the Velebit Speleological Society, participated as part of the Explorers of Velebit program funded by the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia. On November 25th, the subjects were climate change, geology and sports. In the future, events and content such as this should become available to all primary school pupils as part of their out-of-schoolroom activities. The subjects were presented by experts from the Faculty of Science of the University of Zagreb, the Ruđer Bošković Institute and the Croatian Museum of Natural History.

The Croatian Sports Museum joined the program with Bučar’s games for societies and schools, presenting the beginnings of physical education and sports in Croatia to the attending pupils. This light-hearted interaction gave its participants a new insight into history, motivation to be physically active and learned of the importance of motion and play.