About Museum

About Museum

More than half a century of dedication to the preservation of Croatia's sports heritage

The Croatian Sports Museum has existed in various organizational forms for more than 70 years, since 2003 as a national museum institution under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia dedicated to the systematic collection of the most important national heritage from the fields of Croatian sports and physical exercise. During its existence, starting with the legacy of Franjo Bučar, the Museum has collected more than 260.000 items, photographs, documents and publications that bear witness to the history and development of sports in Croatian from the mid-19th century up to today.

Following the winners through the years

Croatian Sports Museum Collections

The items and documents gathered during the existence of the Croatian Sports Museum is sorted into Collections, each of which is dedicated to specific types of items. Within Collections, items and documents are protected and documented by museum staff.

Zbirke Hrvatskog športskog muzeja

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